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MrPeabody 08-17-2019 6:04pm

Great car and boat show today
Right in my home town, walking distance from my house. What's different about this show is they have a lot of racing cars and boats and they encourage starting engines up during the show. There were blown Nitro Hemis in boats running here and there all day long. Almost as good as being in the NHRA pits.

They decided to have decibel contest. The Sheriff had a decibel meter and he quickly found out that the meter topping out at 130 db was not adequate. They also added vintage RVs and trailers this year, which was pretty cool.

This is the same venue where my car club held our car shows for about ten years. Here's video from last year. This is a lakefront park with a gazebo where they hold free concerts on Friday nights in the summer.

Mike Mercury 08-19-2019 8:35am

MrPeabody 08-20-2019 12:07pm

The video from this year is up on Youtube now

The C6 pace car shown briefly at :49 is the actual pace car from the Daytona 500 that Jay Leno drove. It belongs to a friend of mine. He owns over a dozen Corvettes, mostly pace cars. He also owns the Batman car shown right after the pace car. He dresses up as Batman and goes to events where there are kids and they really think he's Batman. He has more fun with that car than any Corvette he's ever owned.

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