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ohpoppy 06-29-2015 10:28am

Quarter panel replacement
Hello I'm Bob and I'm a new member.

I have a 64 roadster which I bought needing a complete restoration. Quarter panels were already removed so flared ones could be installed but that's not my cup of tea.. I prefer an original look.

The car is bare fiberglass. Throughout the car each panel seems to have a line of pure resin running between the panels. Those lines don't appear to have any fiberglass cloth overlay over them. Looks like all seams are like this on the car. I found a good link in installing the quarter panels which instructs to apply 2 layers of fine cloth with wet resin over the seam after it is attached with the adhesive. This sounds like a excellent preventive to avoid cracks between the panels later. It doesn't appear the factory did this or maybe my car was sanded down below this.. its bare fiberglass, the entire car. Should I do this to all the seams or maybe it was already done, I just can't see it.

Also, When I put the 2 layers of cloth over the seam, should I grind a shallow dip so the cloth will not be higher then the surrounding area or just build up and smooth the surrounding area in with body filler. I'm inclined to do the former but maybe the thinner material would create problems.

My intention is to spray epoxy primer over the entire car after rough fiberglass work is completed then block the car, reapply, fill and finish off with urethane primer. Does this sound right or are there better ways to avoid stress cracks later on. I want to do this once in my lifetime.. I'm already a senior. Thanks, Bob

I'm experienced on steel body repair but only did boats in fiberglass.

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