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67conv300hp 06-18-2015 2:55pm

Holley Carburator Tuning needed ??
Hi All,

My 300hp vette engine seems to be more and more loading-up to the point of backfiring when trying to accelerate from a stopped traffic light at an intersection. After idling there for a while waiting.

This engine has the stock Holley Carburetor.

The engine is fully warm (for hours), its summer, and ~ 75-80F, and the humidity is ~50%.

Is this issue possibly caused by too much gas (too rich) a mixture during idle issue ?

I also seem to be drenched with engine smell after driving for hours.. My clothes reek of the engine smell. I don't remember this smell ever being this bad...wondering if this smell is related.

Also wondering about the ethanol in the gas effects... are my valve seats
degrading due to the ethanol ?, causing more blow-by gases and poorer performance and idling ??

Lots of questions, no answers....:)

Are there any remedies for these issues ?
Any adjustments that can be done ?
Any carburetor diagnostics that can be done ?

Any assistance is appreciated,


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