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Willfulone 11-01-2010 3:56pm

Bar-Vette Door Prop Rods at CCA

Show Car
Door Prop Rods

Hold your C6 and C5 Corvettes door partially open at car shows to
display the interior. Bar-Vette prevents your Corvettes door from
swinging open into other cars, keeps the door from being closed by
spectators so the display is undisturbed, and acts as an entry
deterrent to keep people from getting in the car. Your Corvettes
electronics will sense that the door is closed and will shut off the
interior lights. Quick instant install, locks in place. Bar-Vette is self
supporting when attached to the door striker and easily guided into
the car door locking mechanism. Instantly removed by unlocking &
opening the door. Show your Corvette in style with Bar-Vette.


High grade polished aluminum with protective
Vinyl Caps on each end.
24 inch overall length holds door open 21 inches.
Sold in pairs and include simple easy to follow directions.
Available in Polished Aluminum, Chrome or Hydrocarbon coated
in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, or Silver.

$74.99 to $139.99
a pair

To purchase your set, please visit the following Link


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