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Willfulone 10-27-2010 6:27am

CG Racing Pedals - Satin Finish - GP

Satin Finish CG Racing Pedal
Group Purchase

Manual or Automatic

Manual or Automatic Sets

Regular Price $159.99
GP Price $119.99
(Limit 50 Sets)

Group Purchase Info
1. Regular Price $159.99 / Group Purchase Price $119.99
2. Group Purchase dates: 10/27/10 - 11/03/10
3. All orders will be set for production on 11/04/10
4. Orders will ship on 11/17/2010
5. International orders are subject to additional shipping chargers
6. Purchaser is responsible for all duties and taxes on international orders
7. $20 cancellation fee
8. Limit 50 Units
9. No Dealers, limit 2 per order.

To participate in the Group Purchase, or for more info, please follow this link


Munch 10-27-2010 5:03pm

I love mine! :thumbs:

Y2Kvert4me 11-05-2010 5:44pm


Since this GP has expired, and I see you're currently running a GP on the block style pedals @ CF, does this mean the grid style might be next for the GP offer? :D

If that's the plan, please post it here when it happens, I'm down for a set of those. :yesnod:

11/11 Edit: Grid style now on GP! Order placed. :hurray:


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