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thecornerman 05-31-2020 4:51pm

Oil pan gasket replacement
I had an oil leak from the right rear corner of the oil pan.
The oil pressure switch is dry, looking thru the access hole in the bell housing I can see just under the rear main and it is dry as well.

it looked like it was coming from the upside down T area of where the rear main plate meets the block.

I replaced both upper and lower oil pan gaskets and I now have a leak from that same right rear corner, although now it looks like it might be closer to the actual rear corner
I did put a bead of RTV in all 4 corners where the covers meet the block

When running I get a slow drip like it is being forced out from pressure. I put on a new PCV assembly from GM to eliminate any crankcase pressure.

Is there anything that I should have done other than clean and apply RTV?

Or is there a know issue with the rear main plate gasket?

Easier to redo the O.P. gasket then pull the trans/torque tube assembly

And thoughts?

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