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Willfulone 03-19-2011 9:05am

Corvette Head Rest Covers

Speed Lingerie
Head Rest Covers

Speed Lingerie makes the finest automotive front end covers on the
market today. Speed Lingerie features Bras, Hood Covers, Mirror
Covers and Head Rest Covers. Speed Lingerie uses only the best
materials and state of the art manufacturing to make its bras and
covers. The outermost Layer is the first line of defense against rocks,
gravel, and road debris, and consists of the highest quality, all
conditions resistant marine application fully color permeated vinyl.
This choice in material costs a bit more, but with features like UV
protection, colorfastness, breathability, and suppleness, Speed
Lingerie protection will not fade, mold, crack, or split. The Middle
Layer wicks moisture away from paint surfaces dispersing it through
the outer breathable layer. This eradicates any incidence of paint
boil, a paint finish damage resulting from entrapped superheated
moisture. The Innermost Layer pampers paint surfaces with a cotton
chamois felt that is a full 2 ounces. If you want the finest
aftermarket protection for your Corvette, Speed Lingerie and CCA have
product for you.

To see our Full Line of Custom made and Made to Order
Speed Lingerie Products, Please follow this link

Speed Lingerie Bra for Corvette


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