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TWM Performance 01-04-2010 2:04pm

TWM Performance Shift Knobs for the Corvette!!!

Hello everyone,

First of all, let me introduce TWM Performance to the Corvette crowd! Since 2002, we have been producing shift knobs of the highest quality to cater to the tuner and sport compact industry. As our line of products has grown over the years, we have had multiple Corvette owners come to us to purchase shift knobs for their Corvettes to install on their aftermarket threaded short shifters. So we started browsing various Corvette forums and finally decided to take the plunge to officially offer our products to Corvette tuners!

An important aspect of TWM Performance that we take great pride in, is being able to say that our entire R&D, manufacturing, and offices are within North America! We strive everyday to produce products of the utmost quality while attempting to be the first company to release new designs and finishes. We're really excited to have been approved by the site administrators to be able to post here on and we hope to become a great addition to the Corvette community!

With our most recent shift pattern design #4, specifically designed for the Corvette’s 6 speed manual transmission shift pattern, you can now order your TWM Performance Shift knob with an engraved shift pattern!

I figured we would start out by creating a thread that will give all everyone a quick overview of the TWM Performance line up of products we offer for your cars.

As you can see here, and as you may already know, TWM Performance offers the most extensive line of products to improve the shift feel in your Corvette and the overall look of you interior. All of this is done while retaining OEM, or better, fitment and providing the highest quality materials available on the market today.

TWM Performance line up of high end stainless steel weighted shift knobs

When upgrading to a short shifter, whether it be the MGW unit or another, people often think that they have done everything to improve the shift feel of their vehicle. They often forget the benefits that a heavy weighted shift knob can have on the shifting feel of a car. A heavier shift knob carries more kinetic energy and momentum with it when set in motion than a stock, lighter shift knob. This effect of carrying more momentum makes the shift knob more difficult to stop when set in motion, so it essentially helps you engage the next gear. This results in a smoother shift feel with less direct effort required from the driver to engage the next gear. Basically a heavier shift knob smooths out the shift feel, and almost makes the shift feel effortless.

The other great advantage of a TWM weighted shift knob, and another exclusivity in the industry, is our NTIS® technology. A universal shift knob that retains the stock thread-on design and that is fully height adjustable. TWM shift knobs are the ONLY shift knobs in the industry with these features and it means they can be installed in virtually every car with a threaded shifter shaft. Our shift knobs will fit the following Corvettes:

- C3 Corvettes
- C4 Corvettes
- C5 Corvettes
- C6 Corvettes with an aftermarket threaded shifter shaft, or stock shifter that has been threaded with a die set.

All TWM weighted shift knobs are available in 5 different and durable finishes as pictured below FOR ALL NON-ENGRAVED SHIFT KNOBS. Engraved shift knobs for the Corvette are only available in Stainless, Satin, and Mirror finishes:

Showcased here are the all of the shift knobs we offer for the Chevrolet Corvette with the option of the engraved shift pattern #4.

- M1 Abrams

A very popular shift knob with Corvette enthusiasts is the M1 Abrams weighted shift knob. Its round shape fits perfectly in the palm of the hand and weighing in at 460 grams, solid and precise shifts are assured all the time, every time. The M1 Abrams is threaded as deeply as possible to offer the lowest setting you can get compared to the stock shift knob.

- A6 Leopard

The A6 Leopard weighted shift knob is our best selling shift knob in the Corvette community. Featuring a similar shape as the M1 Abrams but with a bottom collar for people who like more room between the shift knob and the shift boot, this shift knob weighs in at 485 grams for a positive shift feeling.

To browse through more pictures, or to place an order, visit our site by clicking on the following link!

Shift Knobs by TWM Performance Shift Knobs & Gear Knobs

If you have any comments or questions, or if you would simply like to place an order over the phone, you can call TWM Performance toll free at 1-877-655-0540 or reach us online by sending us an email at [email protected] or simply send us a pm on the forum!


TWM Performance

TWM Performance 01-04-2010 2:08pm

The following shift knobs are available for the Corvettes in all finishes and will fit all corvettes however, engraved shift patterns are not available. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to write us a pm or comment in this thread!

Type R
Another very popular shift knob is the Type R weighted shift knob. Like every TWM shift knob, it is threaded as deeply inside as possible for maximum height adjustability.


Brand new to the TWM shift knobs line up is the TWM Piston weighted shift knob. Inspired by rally and track race, this new model features the quality and durability you have come to expect out of every TWM Performance product.

The design of this shift knob is inspired by the traditional piston shape you all know but with a smooth and unique TWM touch for the best grip and shift feeling you can get. Weighing in at 520 grams, this new shift knob will give solid and precise shifts to your car.

BIG Type R

One of our latest editions to our family of shift knobs is the Big Type R weighted shift knob. Based on our popular Type R shift knob, the Big Type R RL is 15% bigger in every angle than the regular Type R shift knob.

Weighing in at 600 grams, this is the perfect choice for anyone in the market for a heavy shift knob.

The original TWM Performance Shift Knob ... the Classic. Its extremely smooth and clean styling offers a timeless and classy look to your interior.

Desert Eagle
TWM Performance has combined the design of our Classic shift knob with the dimensions of our popular .44 Magnum shift knob resulting in our heaviest weighted shift yet! The famous smooth shape of this awesome shift knob is already well known but never before has it been offered with this magnitude. Get smooth classic styling while substantially improving your shift feel thanks to 600 grams of billet stainless steel.

Though unorthodox in styling, our new Bombshell shift knob is designed to provide the largest range of comfortable grip positions possible. Your shifting will be more comfortable than ever thanks to its unique shape and smooth curves. Weighing in at 590g, the bombshell provides a much more solid, effortless shift by acting as a counterweight during shifting.

.44 Magnum
Featuring a unique 6-shooter bolt pattern top, this shift knob will be your weapon of choice for the best shifting experience possible!!! Weighing in at 1.29lbs (585g) you can rest assured your shifts will be smooth and easy with little effort.


TWM Performance

TWM Performance 01-11-2010 10:25am

Monday morning bump!

TWM Performance 01-13-2010 10:24am

All pm's replied!

TWM Performance 01-15-2010 9:17am

The weekend is here! Why not order yourself a late Christmas present :)

TWM Performance 01-18-2010 9:40am

Thanks for the orders this past weekend!

TWM Performance

TWM Performance 01-20-2010 9:37am

All pm's replied!

Munch 01-20-2010 9:39pm

Make anything neat for a C5 auto??

TWM Performance 01-21-2010 10:55am

Unfortunately, we have nothing available for the automatic Corvette.


TWM Performance

Munch 01-21-2010 7:12pm


TWM Performance 01-22-2010 10:28am


TWM Performance 01-25-2010 10:34am

Just to let everyone know, TWM Performance now has a Facebook Group, Fan page, and Twitter page! I recommend everybody joins because in the coming weeks we're going to be posting up all kind of new things such as spy pics of new products being developed, pictures and videos inside the shop, and wall updates talking about some of our new projects, plans etc.

Also, feel free to post questions, comments, pics, videos, or reviews of a TWM Performance product.

Finally, don't forget to invite your friends!

Facebook Group:
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Facebook Fan page:
TWM Performance | Facebook

Twitter Page:
TWM Performance (TWMPerformance) on Twitter


TWM Performance

TWM Performance 01-27-2010 10:26am

Quick picture of our Piston shift knob installed in Patrick's Turbo Civic:

wwomanC6 01-27-2010 12:03pm


Originally Posted by TWM Performance (Post 20603)
Unfortunately, we have nothing available for the automatic Corvette.


TWM Performance


Originally Posted by Munch (Post 20627)

Big Time! :rubbish: I second that!


TWM Performance 02-01-2010 10:32am

New sale will be launching this week! All sales for January are still applicable until the new sale is active!

TWM Performance 02-03-2010 11:40am

More pms replied!

TWM Performance 02-05-2010 12:51pm

New weekend is here!

TWM Performance 02-08-2010 10:51am

Thanks for the orders this past weekend!

TWM Performance 02-10-2010 10:40am

Team TWM working on our EvoX test car yesterday afternoon designing some new parts!

zz4vetteguy 02-14-2010 8:53am


Originally Posted by Munch (Post 20627)


Originally Posted by wwomanC6 (Post 21208)
Big Time! :rubbish: I second that!



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