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MEANZ06 08-17-2020 8:23pm

Lightning Pic
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Neighbor on "Next door" is a photographer and when we had a lightning storm come through 2 days ago (last event was 10+ yrs ago) he caught this one. Bay bridge & SF skyline. I thought it was cool enough to share here. :cert:

snide 08-17-2020 8:36pm

Very cool shot.

MrPeabody 08-17-2020 8:39pm

I think I heard that one all the way up here 100 miles to the north.:yesnod:

04 commemorative 08-17-2020 9:00pm

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Took this one from front deck a few weeks ago...

NEED-A-VETTE 08-17-2020 11:04pm

Incredible. :beadist:

Vandelay Industries 08-18-2020 5:50am

Beautiful shot. :cool:

I can almost hear the thunder and smell the SF street poop. :yesnod:

SnikPlosskin 08-18-2020 10:07am

Nice shot but it is actually multiple shots combined. There is no way in hell that many strikes would happen in the same instant. If you have ever attempted to photograph lightning you would know. Iíve created similar shots. Itís easy because of how Photoshop works with light objects on dark backgrounds. Not so easy to get that many shots of lightning. That guy must have spent days getting those shots.

Jeff '79 08-18-2020 10:09am

WOW !!!
Great foresight to get the camera out and get that amazing shot. :seasix:

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