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edcmat-l1 08-25-2011 4:54am

LS7, Katech cam, Marcella intake results!
This car is the magnificant 67 Corvette owned by Jeff Cleary. It's been in several Vette magazines. I had the honor of tuning it a couple years ago when it had the LS7 intake on it. Jeff bought a Marcella intake and 102 throttle body from the previous shop I was working at. He got it installed, had a custom air bridge made of carbon fiber, and we put it on the dyno today. Needless to say, I was VERY impressed with the results (594 rwhp/522rwtq)! I don't have an overlay of the previous, but it made about 560 and change, and about 520ish torque. Both dynos were dynojet 248s.

And while many may pass this car off as a dyno queen/trailer queen, etc., I would add that it ran a best of [email protected] with the old intake on it, on street tires, with a 1.6x 60 ft!

Plastic Pig 08-31-2011 8:30pm

Very nice.

badbirdcage 09-08-2011 5:57pm

And he is back at LS Fest right now as I type. I can't wait for this year's results. We put the hard top on this year and autocross is on the schedule for this year.

Kuelblaz 09-09-2011 4:45am

That is BAD AZZ!! Love the show cars that can run!!

What are the build specs of the motor?


edcmat-l1 09-15-2011 2:34pm

LS7 crate motor, Katech cam, long tubes, Marcella intake, 102 NW throttle body, custom air bridge, and tune by your's truly!

LSfest results were [email protected], and 47.3 in the auto cross, where the fastest car was a 42.5 or so. Fastest car was a LS1 Miata I believe.

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