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2ez 2spd 01-20-2010 6:37pm

Code question?
When I was out driving this past weekend there were 2 times when I cut my car off I THINK I heard my horn chirp at a low volume, has anyone ever heard of this? or am I losing my mind.

I did check my codes and I had some history codes, no current. I cleaned them out and drove some to see what would come back and only 1 came back PCM P1571H - ASR Desired Torque. Can someone give some info about this code is it something that I need to check into?

Sneaks 01-21-2010 7:34am

P1571 is a stored history code that cannot be cleared off the 97's, and only the 97's for some reason.
It doesn't actually mean you have a malfunction, it is just there. So long as you aren't getting any other TC codes(traction control) or EBCM codes, or the code isn't a current one, then you are just fine.
Can't help you with the horn chirp.

2ez 2spd 01-21-2010 6:01pm

Thanks for that info that makes me feel better. As far as the horn chirp that might be just me I will see what happens this weekend if I go anywhere.

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