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jdel1968 07-21-2016 7:10pm

Tread Quarters
Took my 2005 Corvette in for new tires that I special ordered on Monday 7/18/2016. As I was being checked in I asked for my own peace of mind that they knew how to jack up a Corvette and was assured they did. Last night when I was washing the car i felt a rough spot under the rocker panel and discovered a crack in the fiberglass on the left rocker panel. I took in to Chevy dealership and the repair will cost me 409.76 .You could still see the grease smudge from the lift. I went back to tread quarters and just as I expected the young man that worked on the car said he didn't do it and didn't jack up the car there!!!! He did give me back the corvette vavve caps he "forgot" to return and I made no mention of the incorrect info he gave me that the tire pressure monitors would "learn " the car???? Its called lack of integrity!! Repair cost 409.76 !!

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