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Norm 03-14-2019 8:42am

This Is Crazy.......
Most Amazing Intersection in the World!

This is how this intersection operates with NO white or yellow lines, NO directional arrows, NO traffic lights and no one directing traffic.
In this time lapse video we see the intersection at Meskel Square, the nerve centre of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Check out the pedestrians as they navigate this chaos. Driving this intersection is not for the timid, patient or slow-thinking driver. Driving this intersection takes guts, split second timing, a brake and gas pedals that work!

Note: there are no skid marks in the intersection.

Ol' Timer 03-14-2019 9:23am

Maybe no skid marks in the intersection, but I would have my own personal skid marks!

snide 03-14-2019 9:26am

The music on the video drowns out all the horns that are blaring.

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