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B6flyer 09-20-2021 1:32pm

Proper 75 dual exhaust conversion
Hey, all, greetings from Charleston SC! Recently I purchased a 75 ragtop and before I left the shop selling it in PA, I had them replace the catalytic converter with a true dual exhaust. Imagine my surprise when the delivery truck threw open the doors and I see a gleamy new exhaust system, but it’s hanging damn near to the ground! Too expensive to ship it back to the place that did the supposed work. ( so much for a renowned corvette specialist in the Philly area). I can’t drive her like she’s meant to be driven for fear of bottoming on every little ripple in the road. SO……. Anybody have any suggestions about what pipes to run from the frame pass thru’s back? The ones this shop used drop almost an inch and a half when they exit the frame pass thrus and that throws everything off, including some very low hanging mufflers. I have been told to use 74 dual exhaust pipes, but looking at them in catalogs doesn’t cut it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thx.

aerovette 09-20-2021 2:46pm

I would have offered the suggestion you have already heard. Buy for a 74. :island14:

My 75 with stock (original) exhaust was a bit "modified" by a speed bump or two.

B6flyer 09-21-2021 1:44pm

Thanks, aerovette! Yup, those speed bumps are hell with a proper exhaust, never mind this nightmare……

theandies 10-21-2021 1:35pm

Seems odd that it would drop so low after the passthroughs. Doesn't seem like the right pipes are installed after the passthroughs.

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