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ZZ383 01-19-2013 10:04pm

Busted a Mustang GT's Arse
Ok this forum is pretty dead so let's see if this gets me kicked off. Whatever you feel about street racing, some of us didn't build our cars to cruise the Sonic, Car show, or sit in a garage. The later C3's are in many ways perfect sleepers. I know it's strange thinking of a Corvette as a sleeper. Visions of granny's 81 Malibu or 78 Nova are more common but the smogged out sub 200 horse vettes of the 75-82 era are awesome sleepers. Case in point, my ZZ383 powered 81. Reagan rushed into office faster than this thing did with it's L81, 190 horse mouse. Well tonight was really the first quality kill she's had since the transplant. I left the local Hot Rod gathering spot which these days is filled with older gents talking chopped and channeled rods. These guys have nice rides and pretty paint but really aren't my cup of tea. I pulled out of the parking area and pulled onto the main divided highway in town. Along side comes new edge fox 4 mustang (99-04) GT, Saleen wheels, dark green with wing delete. He's sporting flowmaster style chambered exhaust which he thinks impresses me. No telling what else is in it since it is clearly in the modification era of it's life with a huge mustang aftermarket. We roll down through a heavily populated era. He's bouncing the nose and revving on me. I'm not being as obvious but I'm spooling up a bit between gears and trying to keep alert for cops. Things are going my way as I'm taking him out to the outskirts of town into what I think of as deeper water. I've never lost a race in this area for over two decades. We are slowing for the light when it turns. Nobody seem to want to go from a dig anymore since You Tube makes them think they have to roll and honk three times. He revs and hits it, I follow suit and reel him in fast and ugly. Flash of the shift light on my monster tach and bam second minimal spin and back in full pull. Flash, bam, third, bus lengths on him. I tap the brakes to let him close. He eases by and revs. I sit back and let him slow again. I start to come along side by around 40ish and he kicks it. I follow suit letting the Holley 770 Street Avenger funnel through my Edlebrock Air Gap to the Aluminum Vortec heads. Flash, bam, I really hope this Super T-10 lasts better than the last one:seasix: I pull him hard again. This time his lights get small really fast and I realize he has turned to avoid me. I turn around at the next medium turn around and roll back towards town. I catch sight of him turning into a convenient store and I follow suit. As he's getting out he looks over and sees me. He comes walking over with a grin and I give him a thumbs up. His first question is "Is that a 350?"...I respond "kinda". "Are you on the bottle?"..."Nope, just throttle". In the end he was a good guy. He was heading off to the army in a month or so and was gonna build his car up when he got back. I told him thanks for the service to our country, watch his butt in combat, and don't mess with flat black corvettes with punisher/corvette emblems in the back window and a cam that sounds like the car will die any moment.:lol:

AGVI 04-25-2013 6:43pm

Cool story.

Norm 04-25-2013 6:49pm

Good story! :seasix: Some paragraph breaks would have been nice, makes for easier reading, old fart here....:D

thegreenman 04-25-2013 7:03pm


Originally Posted by ZZ383 (Post 864649)
Whatever you feel about street racing, some of us didn't build our cars to cruise the Sonic, Car show, or sit in a garage.


Sounds like you had some fun enjoying your Vette. :cert:

Stingray76 05-05-2014 11:47am

Awesome story...Atleast the guy was a good sport...

7t9l82 07-06-2014 3:38pm

mustangs are kind of low hanging fruit aren't they?

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