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kolsen911 05-30-2020 12:26pm

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I've been on these Vette forums for a few years since I picked up my Hemi/Vette a couple years ago. Now I'm not able to get on the It won't even let me change my password. Do you think they locked me out because I have a Hemi in my car??????

Kent Olsen

Norm 05-31-2020 9:25am

Nah, not for that reason. Probably a glitch somewhere. If you can, send a pm to a moderator or admin explaining the issue.


Re-register under a new name and different email address.

kolsen911 05-31-2020 12:17pm

Thanks Norm

I've send about 8-10 emails to moderators and contact links but no response.

I had no issue for quite awhile and then it just wouldn't let me login or change password. Lot's of pure stock guys in the Corvette ranks ( oh no he has a Hemi in there and a Ducktail), also my 72 Porsche 911, and then my Classic Mini Cooper, but that's just me. I lean more towards racing and my cars are therefore modified towards that end.

Chuck A 05-31-2020 1:31pm

why is kerm name on the thread?

kolsen911 05-31-2020 5:33pm

He's also on, C1 & C2, so I thought he might know how I could get back.

MadInNc 05-31-2020 6:43pm


Originally Posted by kolsen911 (Post 1770979)
He's also on, C1 & C2, so I thought he might know how I could get back.

While he and I are active there, logic no longer applies....

Update : you are not banned, shows PM and email ability

Use another browser to log in

kolsen911 06-02-2020 1:04pm

Thanks I tried another browser and it still won't let me in. When I ask for a link to change my password it says it will email me a link but never does.

The heck with it.

So to introduce myself: Retired pilot, flew everything from a Smith mini plane to the 747 all over the world for 45 years. Always a car nut, mostly road racing. I had a 65 coupe 50+ years ago that was stolen when I took a job in Las Vegas. Just had sports cars after that. When I retired, 5 years ago, I found this unique 65 roadster with all Chrysler running gear. A 1957 Chrysler 392 hemi, Chrysler 4 spd and an 8.75" solid rear axle.

I like it because you can't tell just by looking, although some can tell the difference in the sound. So I had it painted my old car colors, added a small ducktail, replaced the rear drums with discs, added 4 link and coil/overs to the rear and 8 spoke 17" wheels. I'm now waiting for her to come out of the shop with a new TREMEC 5 spd.

I also have a 72 Porsche 911 (for over 22 years) which is modified to run street/autox/track days, and a slightly modified classic Mini Cooper.

dvarapala 06-02-2020 1:36pm

Give us your login and password and we'll fix it for you. :D

kolsen911 06-03-2020 11:12am


kolsen911 06-07-2020 12:15pm

Still no luck logging in. If I change my username and Password it still wants my email address and then stops me and says someone already has that one, daaaaa.

Norm 06-07-2020 1:27pm

Do you have another email address you can use? Like someone in the family? You only have to use it once when registering, tell the user it won't be used again.

What's your email provider.....Comcast, Gmail, AOL, whatever...........
Gmail is free through google, just obtain one when you're in google, pretty simple game.

kolsen911 06-11-2020 12:41pm


Thanks for the advise. I used a friends email address and was able to get back on.

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