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Brett K 10-08-2020 7:21pm

Another stray....
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Found its way into the safe. I have been wanting a .357 lever gun. Used and unfired but not for long.
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markids77 10-08-2020 7:31pm

Lucky man. I have been looking for one of those I want to afford for several years now.
I have found several but all were priced beyond what I would call reasonable especially since most are not made by the "major" manufacturers. "Replica" firearms used to be priced well below originals; not so much today.

Rikki Z-06 10-08-2020 7:40pm

Nice. :seasix:

simpleman68 10-12-2020 7:51am

Nice! That would be fun to take up to Mom's place in the country :dance:

Been trying to make time to bring up the Mossberg 500 (the punkin chunker)
Haven't put any rounds through it yet.

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