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carlton_fritz 10-03-2020 10:40am

Which one of you guys
Has a Vette with Yo Lambo for a tag?

Iron Chef 10-03-2020 11:00am

I had a Lambo with Yo Vette for a tag.


snide 10-03-2020 6:14pm

I don't have a Vette or a Lambo. :shrug:

Steve_R 10-03-2020 6:18pm

Plate on my Vette says Yo Mama.

Rikki Z-06 10-03-2020 6:23pm


Originally Posted by Steve_R (Post 1810925)
Plate on my Vette says Yo Mama.

Thought it was Joe Mama? :funnier::funnier::funnier:

carlton_fritz 10-03-2020 7:17pm

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You will see the car in this clip.

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