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Sea Six 09-06-2020 7:00am


Touringmike 09-06-2020 7:38am

:rofl::rofl::rofl: ain't going to Hell :rofl::rofl::rofl:

kvozel 09-06-2020 7:51am

Stupid is as stupid does.

69camfrk 09-06-2020 8:45am

I hope it hurts, and hurts bad...This stupidity has gone way too far. I want to know who is funding it.

Rikki Z-06 09-06-2020 8:56am


Earthquake Driver 09-06-2020 9:00am

Do stupid things win stupid prizes

Stevedore 09-06-2020 9:10am

LOL at the music when the dumbass starts dancing out of the fire. :rofl:

snide 09-06-2020 9:27am


bill_daniels 09-06-2020 11:07am

BADRACR1 09-06-2020 12:04pm

Who knew the rubber soles on tennis shoes would burn?:shots:

Dan Dlabay 09-06-2020 2:23pm

That just shows that they are a bunch of losing idiots.:hurray:

DAB 09-06-2020 2:50pm

Lethal: it will hurt the whole time you are dying.

SnikPlosskin 09-06-2020 4:17pm

That video makes me very happy.

Sea Six 09-06-2020 4:28pm


Originally Posted by SnikPlosskin (Post 1803141)
That video makes me very happy.

It warms the soles.


snide 09-06-2020 8:23pm


bill_daniels 09-06-2020 8:28pm

Life Imitates Art

Blademaker 09-06-2020 8:56pm

Epic stupid is fukkin' epic..:seasix::seasix::seasix::seasix::seasix::funniest::funniest::funniest:

Sea Six 09-07-2020 6:16am

Sea Six 09-07-2020 6:19am

Sea Six 09-07-2020 6:19am

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