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Mike Terry 08-09-2011 9:01pm

Who All Goes to Corvette Funfest @ Mid America?
How many people from this Forum go to Mid America Corvette Funfest inSept. in Effingham IL. I usually have a car in the For Sale section.

CRUZN C4 08-15-2011 9:26pm

I'm planning on being there.

PortDawg 01-13-2012 7:38pm

Maybe this year depends on how my body could handle 2 1000 mile drives in one year...

99 pewtercoupe 01-15-2012 2:59pm

Its less than 100 miles from where I live but haven't gone the last couple of years since it was basically the same thing each year. I am not bashing mike Yeager but I bet if I went this year 95% of what is there was there the last time

vettebob98 01-20-2012 5:52pm

Use to go all the time, but I agree that every year is just about the same ! We go to Rt 66 Fest in Springfield, IL the week after Effingham in Sept.

HEB 03-30-2012 2:38pm

I agree its usually about the same every year,but I still go. I like to just walk around and look at all the vettes and vender stuff,also a good drive over. I've attended since 96 and plan to keep going as long as I have a vette:driving:

plasboy 04-15-2012 9:46pm

Going this year since we haven't been in awhile.

bizaro 05-05-2018 9:51am

We stopped when they starting charging us to get in.:slap:

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