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millerz67 09-07-2016 7:27am

Worked 383 stroker in my 95'/ opti or fuel prob. need pointers
I own a 95' C4 with a 383 stroked LS1. was told the rev limiter is 7200. 2 weeks ago the wife pissed me off with her drunken badgering at me and I did what no man should do...... Yeah I took my frustrations out on the car!! shifting through the gears 3,4,5 I was well over 6000r', prob 62-6700 not sure factory tach only 6000. Any way came to a traffic light car was idling fine. light turned green ,let out the clutch and it started poppen a weird sounding misfire. I shut it down immediately. tried once to start it sounded the same now i m gonna fix it. the optispark I know not much about. can that jump time or come apart internally? tried to start it today and its just crankin over. fresh batt. and know internal odd sounds of broken parts,,,,PLEASE POINT ME IN SOME DIRECTION TO TROUBLESHOOT THIS. I gonna for codes through the digital dashboard , could use a big brother to help me out. I think I just realized I love this car more then the BADGERING ONE I MARRIED 28 YEARS AGO.......HELP

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