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Black94lt1 08-03-2015 10:14pm

Free to a good home - C5/C6 tail light seals
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C5 folks, anyone want a hood seal? I ordered taillight seals for my C6 and was sent this instead :leaving: Anyway, the vendor is sending me the correct items and said to keep the hood seal. If you want it, post up its yours for free!

Edit: OK now that they sent me what I actually ordered, these are actually the tail light seals for a C5 or a C6, the instructions that were included with them are the hood seal instructions but the product is the tail light seals. I installed the new set on my car last night, so these are still available for anyone who wants them just send me an address

RonC5 08-06-2015 8:14am

Cool, thanks. I'll take it. PM sent. Can I at least cover the postage?

Black94lt1 08-06-2015 8:44am


Originally Posted by RonC5 (Post 1388757)
Cool, thanks. I'll take it. PM sent. Can I at least cover the postage?

Got your PM, I'll send them out tomorrow. Postage-no worries :D

Sneaks 08-06-2015 7:17pm

Now thats dam nice of ya man.

RonC5 08-11-2015 12:18pm

Arrived yesterday, thanks again!

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