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allthrottleandsomebottle 08-26-2010 5:32pm

High heat powder coating Stainless Works 3" x-pipe & Kooks 2" race headers
Well, the headers/X pipe will be powder coated within a week.

All done by Art in Williamsburg right across from watercountry at:
Virginia Powder Coating, Virginia Custom Ceramic Coating

Here is the completed catback, the X-pipe is a Kooks setup for my 01' :D

Once installed, I will snap some pics and give feedback on the heat reduction :D

Munch 08-26-2010 5:50pm

Oh, now that is just F'n sick!:rep: I have wanted black exhaust since I got my car, Munchy want. :drool:

Garb55 08-26-2010 6:28pm

Sneaks 08-27-2010 8:54pm

Dam that looks great! :thumbs:

allthrottleandsomebottle 09-24-2010 7:38am

This is a ceramic can get just about any type of stuff in powder now.
Here is the headers & X pipe

It can only help with heat reduction.

I have all my exhaust off now. Heat taping some lines and adding a few mods while I am this used oil cooler I couldn't pass up for the $$$:

DropTheTop 09-24-2010 7:44am

Man, that is just awesome! :cheers:

Munch 09-24-2010 6:40pm


Originally Posted by DropTheTop (Post 46327)
Man, that is just awesome! :cheers:

:iagree:AND THEN SOME!!! I really, really, really, really, really like that a lot.

allthrottleandsomebottle 10-24-2010 10:05pm

Got the PS in yesterday..........did everything the instructions said, tryed everything my 30 years of wrenching has shown me...and still had to lower the front subframe to the bottom of the studs to get this sucker in w/o disconnecting the a/c line or anything else. No biggy, disconnect the top arms, lower shock bolts and unclip the brake line bracket. Room is fine once in. DS doesn't look as bad :willy:

allthrottleandsomebottle 01-12-2011 9:19pm

Got the DS in today.........had to leave loose the same as the PS and:
Remove PS pump off the alt bracket then the alt bracket from the head. lower the motor ~1" from max tilt and it fell right in with the sub frame lowered to near the end of the 4 subframe bolt ends .
Added less than 1/2 hour including pics, not bad.
Lots of room around all lines once boltd up. More pics to come once bolted all back together.

allthrottleandsomebottle 04-11-2011 7:57am

Back up and running
30+degrees cooler on the oil :D
And I put the OEM catback off the 2000 coupe on for the stealth look and sound just for S & Gs .................... :eek:

Did not notice power loss............time for the strip after a tune tweak :D

Munch 04-11-2011 5:05pm

30 degrees is pretty damn good! Those pipes really look great in black, I think I want to do my Ti's like that next time I have some extra cabbage.

I like this pic although it makes your license plate a lie. :cheers:

allthrottleandsomebottle 04-12-2011 4:54am

Hehehe...........but not my user id:)
Haven't run a bottle in years.........its really an oxgygen hit seems the motor is so old :clever:

allthrottleandsomebottle 04-17-2011 9:30pm

And this is what it sounds like............

khblair 04-28-2011 7:57pm

hmmm. very sweet! :seeya:

allthrottleandsomebottle 04-29-2011 7:30am


Originally Posted by khblair (Post 256862)
hmmm. very sweet! :seeya:

Hi Kim,
Nice pics in your albumn with your top down :seeya:

allthrottleandsomebottle 01-01-2012 10:56pm

And this is what it sounds like with 2 inch kooks headers, 3 inch kooks offroad and B&B Tri Flo Sport mufflers with by-pass mod I just put was just too dam quiet :D

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