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Sport06 03-26-2016 1:48pm

550 mile trip down the coast
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Hope I'm not just talking to myself here. Had the urge so I left out Friday morning and after crossing the GG bridge I headed north on 101 to the hiway 1 junction at Leggett, 237 miles. Turning west it's 22 miles to the ocean and another 23 miles to Ft. Bragg. That 22 miles to the ocean is SPECTACULAR! I call it the west coast dragon. Driving, I can't count all the curves. Would have to have a co pilot who could do it. Maybe someday...As always hiway 1 is a great road, made for Corvettes! Very little traffic in either direction was a bonus. Saw a red C7 heading north but that was the only other Vette on the road. Through some of the many corners I managed a .89, a .96 and on a real hard slightly uphill right hander, a 1.00 on the g meter! My speed was just 47 mph. Man, the FS WO RFs really hook up, even with 33,000 on them. The Bilstein SPs do their job well too. Beautiful day, even at sunset. Ya shoulda been there!

Apparently I can only load one pic per post, maybe an iPad problem...

Sport06 03-26-2016 1:49pm

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Sport06 03-26-2016 1:51pm

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Sport06 03-26-2016 1:53pm

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Near Bodega Bay

Sport06 03-26-2016 1:54pm

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Beautiful eh?

Sport06 04-04-2016 2:47pm

"Corvette" forum eh? :confused5:

core-Vette 03-26-2017 9:48pm

the view looks spectacular indeed. your car looks great, as well.

Btw, may I have some feedback on the Bilstein shocks you're using? I would like to hear a few insights since I'm still trying to choose between that and Eibach.

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