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Lakeside49 05-29-2019 10:52pm

Amazing. On several (several) levels as a Trekkie since youth. Thanks for chronicling your project. Huge progress.

SnikPlosskin 06-02-2019 6:42pm

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Soldering in close quarters. Using little screwdriver to stolid wires in. Did one circuit at a time. Each engine has 8 circuits. I still need to hook up the main controller (all those wires coming out the front.) 8 of them tee off to each engine. A whole conduit full power the shuttle bay and the rest are hull lighting.

Major progress today. Super duper unbalanced on the stand. Using diving weight to keep it from flipping over. Glued with 3M structural adhesive. Itís white so I think I can go in like caulk and fill the light leaks.

Not too thrilled with the paint job on the engines. I thought about sanding it all down but gave in after likely a total of 25 hours in the construction and painting. Enough!

SnikPlosskin 06-02-2019 6:45pm

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Few more shots. Yellow navigation lights. Spot lights that light up the engine pylons.

TripleBlack 06-02-2019 9:27pm

I used to build model cars fairly seriously but this is just another universe of detail and work. Admire your passion for it.

SnikPlosskin 06-03-2019 7:15pm

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Getting closer. Just sitting in the jig. Need to shoot clear coat to protect the decals. Super fragile decals. Itís ready to start hooking up the saucer. Iíll estimate at least 12 hrs of work there.

MrPeabody 06-03-2019 7:17pm

Can't wait to see a picture of it all lit up with the room lights turned down.:seasix:

SnikPlosskin 06-08-2019 4:50pm

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Well the rubber is hitting the road now. Itís making me increasingly nervous as the build comes along from the risk of something going wrong. And something always goes wrong. Because of the adhesives I used, thereís no disassembling.

A LOT of wires had to get down the neck and take a 90 degree turn out the front. Furthermore wires go all the way through the model, through the mounting tube and into the base for switches and power jack.

And all this work is under the saucer and clumsy jig. Iím tracing each wire with a multimeter to confirm its circuit. Phew. I have to get every one of them right the first time. I already have a couple of mystery wires - but I'm hoping process of elimination will take care of those.

Each pair if flashing landing lights in the shuttle bay has it's own wire. There are 5 pair. I'm going to hook up the switches and power in the temporary switch box I made and run power while I connect stuff. That way I can be certain I've got the right wire - they are labeled but anything can happen.

BTW - that's press 'n seal on the body and engines just to attempt to protect the decals. They have a coat of Future over them now.

outrunm 06-08-2019 10:55pm

I need to rewire my 63. After you complete this job, the car should be child's play. I'll supply the harness and a case of beer or iced tea or whatever keeps you refreshed. Sounds like a great deal!

SnikPlosskin 06-15-2019 8:02pm


Originally Posted by outrunm (Post 1673049)
I need to rewire my 63. After you complete this job, the car should be child's play. I'll supply the harness and a case of beer or iced tea or whatever keeps you refreshed. Sounds like a great deal!

Ha! I did my 64 from scratch using Painless system. Drew my own diagram. Works flawlessly. Modern fuses. Mil spec insulation.

SnikPlosskin 06-15-2019 8:08pm

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Well, went up today to keep wiring and found the mount broke. Damn. Took it all off the base, rebuilt the jig. Still have some wiring mysteries. Just need to keep tracing one circuit at a time. Then re-bond the mount, then the deflector dish to seal it up. Then on to the saucer.

MrPeabody 06-15-2019 8:13pm

NASA spacecraft spots Star Trek logo on Mars surface.

SnikPlosskin 06-27-2019 8:03pm

Not much progress lately. Too much going on. I have a problem with the landing lights they are hooked up correctly but the first row isnít working. I need to go through the switch wiring to make sure itís correct.

Iíve spent hours and hours troubleshooting. Almost everything is working so far except that one issue. Man this thing is a bear.

simpleman68 06-27-2019 8:07pm

Pretty amazing thread. I've been following without posting but greatly appreciate your efforts and talent with this enormous undertaking. :cert:

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