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lspencer534 06-11-2017 3:13pm

I immediately saw a boxing comparison...
In this video we see and King Cobra fighting with a python. Although the python here is a youngster (about 7' long), he is still bigger than the King Cobra and much stronger. Typically the python wins this fight by constricting the King Cobra until it suffocates and then eats it...if he doesn't get bitten.

Many of you know that I tout boxing as the "King of Sports", and this video shows why: A larger, stronger opponent loses to a faster and deadly accurate foe. The King Cobra waits until he spots an opening and in a split second the fight is over. I challenge you to actually see the Cobra's strike.

Thge python was found dead nearby after a few hours.

04 commemorative 06-11-2017 5:27pm

I want my click's hear say

Mike Mercury 06-12-2017 6:54am

Sneaks 06-12-2017 8:44am

Spots an opening? Hell he attacked him from behind. Must be a cobra from the hood........:leaving:

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