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99 pewtercoupe 07-10-2019 7:37pm

For Spence...Vadered from CFOT
Two dogs and a cat die and go to heaven.

They are brought before God, who interviews them to determine their fate. He asks the first dog, "What did you do when you were alive on earth?"

The first dog answers, "For 15 years I was a guide dog for a blind person. I was killed protecting them from being hit by a taxi."

"Very good," says God. "You will sit at my left side."

God turns his attention to the second dog and asks, "What did you do when you were alive on earth?"

The second dog responds, "I was a police dog for 12 years. I was shot and killed trying to subdue an armed bank robber."

God smiles and nods. "Very good. You will sit at my right side."

God now looks at the cat and begins to ask, "What did you --"

The cat interrupts, "You're in my chair."

04 commemorative 07-10-2019 8:02pm


snide 07-11-2019 6:44am


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