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jasindude1 05-03-2019 8:11pm

Loud engine knock, but no codes. Please help.
About 1 year ago i took the Corvette to a car wash, when it left the wash I could not start it, tried and tried and a loud grinding noise would sound. Finally got it started and a loud engine knock happened, i could barely drive it, had to be towed home, code was multiple misfire. Finally got around to looking at it again, changed the spark plug wires, now the engine has a loud knock coming from the drivers side but no CEL. its not drivable, IDK what could be wrong with it now, now the starter is grinding and wont even start the car anymore, so i need to fix that but I need to know what could be causing this crazy knock! Im so lost, no codes or anything. I tried attaching but i couldnt, i will keep trying any info or help will be greatly appreciated.

vtelvr 05-22-2019 7:33pm

What’s your oil pressure doing?

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