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DAB 09-28-2020 11:05am

Lost and Found
A few weeks ago, we visited my parents in Wyoming, and Mrs. DAB brought along some of her jewelry, including a pair of turquoise earrings I had given her a few months ago.

We have a nice visit, i get a bunch of chores done for dad, and then we pack up and come back home. Mrs. DAB is unpacking her stuffs, and cannot find the earrings I had given her and that she had worn at least once while we were there.

hmmmm......ok, call mom and dad, give them a heads up, and ask that they keep any eye out for them.

so today, Mrs. DAB comes into my office and announces that she had found the earrings this morning. they were in a little bag with her watch, and she hadn't looked in that bag, thinking that she must have lost them, as the little bag for the earrings was empty.



a week ago i had ordered a replacement set for her, and those should arrive next month sometime (via eBay).

well dear, you either end up with two pairs, or you can give a pair away to someone later.

mrvette 09-28-2020 11:24am

Y duz that story sound SO familiar??? I gotta set here and scratch my ass to recall specific specifics........but BTDT.......:lol:

bill_daniels 09-28-2020 11:43am

Give new pair to girlfriend.

Problem. Solved.




DAB 09-28-2020 11:46am


Originally Posted by bill_daniels (Post 1809423)
Give new pair to girlfriend.

Problem. Solved.




:toetap: :slap:

FLEXjs 09-28-2020 11:58am


Originally Posted by bill_daniels (Post 1809423)
Give new pair to girlfriend.

Problem. Solved.

Wizard ^^^


DAB 09-28-2020 12:01pm

old joke:

husband and wife are making dinner one night, and she asks him, "honey, if I die first, will you re-marry?"

"well, I don't know, I hadn't given that much thought"

"honey, I want you to be happy all your days, so I want you to promise me that you will re-marry if I die first"

"ok, I promise"

"will your new wife use my golf clubs?"

"no, she's left handed"

so much for dinner.... :dance: :rofl:

DAB 09-28-2020 3:11pm

just checked with Mrs. DAB (she was out running errands), and it's a NO-GO on the girl friend idea. :slap:

i'll suggest she grow another set of ears.... :dance: :rofl:

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