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Auburnseeker 11-07-2012 9:28am

New Member ready to get into my fist C1 (advice)
First off I want to say hello and introduce myself.
I've been an old car nut as most of you probably were since I can remember. I'm currently a member on the AACA site using the same user ID.
My profession is buying Wholesale lots of NOS parts for all different makes, identifying them, prepping them for sale and then getting them out to the guys that need them. Right now I'm Knee deep into Studebaker parts.
Every now and then I even find parts for my own cars so that's a nice bonus.
I've had a few vintage cars ranging from the 1930's-1963. I'm currently working on/ driving a 36 Chrysler Roadster, 48 Plymouth ragtop and a couple of 32 Fords among a few others waiting on the back burner.
I've always admired the C1 style Corvettes and think I'm in the position to actively persue buying one now.
What I'm looking for is some input on what to look for and what to avoid.
I've looked all around on the web and seen probably hundereds for sale. I really like the look of a 58 overall probably the best, but still like all the 53-62 styling.
I know it needs to have a rust free frame and a hit free body. Matching numbers are a definate plus as well. What else should I worry about? What are the best years of the C1 styling (mechanically and overall quality?)
How important is matching numbers on low horse cars, if the block is say a correct dealer replacement with a blank pad?
If you have one you are thinking of selling let me know.
Most of all thanks in advance for any input/insight you can provide.

OldSarge 11-07-2012 1:22pm

Welcome and good luck, with your search.

Auburnseeker 11-08-2012 6:42pm

Thanks for the welcome. Any advice as I continue my search? I have owned a 68 big block coupe in the past so this won't be my first vette. I have also had several other vintage cars including a 48 Cadillac Sedanette, 50 Fleetwood sedan, 1957 Thunderbird, 1961 Tbird Convertible, restored 57 Belair sedan, and a few other common and unusual old cars. I can do alot of work myself from interior and light to heavy mechanical and some paint work as well as the usual Stainless restoration and other detailing phases most all car guys can do.

OldSarge 11-09-2012 1:35pm

It is always nice to have a vette with all original components, however, depending on what your intentions are, there is nothing wrong in having a mismatched engine or other parts. You can always look for another engine to match your car as close as possible. Many have done it that way. I would recommend some research books for the years you are interested in and give you some idea of the history or originality of any vette you might be looking at.

Auburnseeker 11-10-2012 6:22pm

Well figuring some day I will end up selling it to persue a different car I want to make sure I don't end up with a boat anchor that will be impossible to sell because of the engine or some other issue that will turn a potential new owner off.
I have books with all the casting numbers and locations as well as a friend that was a GM regional tech manager from about 1960-1985 that is really knowledgable on pretty much anything GM as in relation to what should be in what and what time frame particular things were used by GM.
I guess that's a good start.
Now I just need to find a car to look at.

Auburnseeker 11-25-2012 8:06am

I've found some possibilities. Of course none close enough to get a look at in person. Is there any value in a survivor 60 vette that is all original matching numbers 283 270 HP with basically one owner. Except for one fender all the paint is original and still presentable although obviously not perfect. The interior, chrome and top are even original. The undercarriage is very clean with very faint surface rust, the kind you can basically just about wipe off. It comes with some documentation including the original bill of sale. also includes some new/NOS parts and is turnkey with some mechanical freshening.
Are survivor corvettes just thought of as cars that need to be restored or do they follow the same lines as other old car circles?

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