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JRD77VET 07-14-2019 09:23pm

well, there is your problem

04 commemorative 07-14-2019 09:46pm

That's pretty f'ed up :willy:

69camfrk 07-15-2019 04:59am

Pass on that one. Heck, some farmer in Texas threw a tarp in his truck that contained a rattlesnake. It was coming out of the AC vent. I think I will pass on poisonous snakes on or in my vehicles.

Black94lt1 07-15-2019 06:38am

Oh heck no!

Mike Mercury 07-15-2019 09:14am

Oh my !

Mike Mercury 07-15-2019 10:15am

snide 07-15-2019 10:30am


Originally Posted by Mike Mercury (Post 1676256)

Idiot should have deployed the pilot chute before he actually jumped. Might have hurt less when he hit the ground...

Norm 07-15-2019 10:46am

Snake, now this idiot..........I'm going back to bed........

bill_daniels 07-15-2019 10:56am


Originally Posted by JRD77VET (Post 1676228)

I loved the book.

Patel, and the Art of Scooter Maintenance

SnikPlosskin 07-17-2019 10:04am

Nope. Nope. And nope.

z06psi 07-17-2019 10:57am


Originally Posted by Mike Mercury (Post 1676256)


BOTY 07-17-2019 05:03pm

Double hellz no.

C5SilverBullet 07-17-2019 05:24pm


Originally Posted by Mike Mercury (Post 1676256)

JRD77VET 07-17-2019 06:45pm

A bunch of still gives the "play by play" on his Wile E Coyote imitation :willy:

JRD77VET 07-18-2019 07:28pm


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