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Jeffyvette 11-22-2009 11:11pm

Another event for you that like to go fast
MKM Racing Promotions is pleased to announce the return of the Bonneville 100 Open Road Race for 2010. Scheduled as a 3-day event from June 24-26, this exciting race features 101 miles of pure speed and excitement for all participants, whether in the 95 mph Touring Division or the ultra-fast Super Sport Division!

We are also announcing a change to our Super Sport Classes; this year, there will be a 165 mph class and a 175 mph class instead of the 160-170 mph classes. The Tech speeds for these classes will remain the same, i.e., 180 mph for the 165 mph class and 200 mph for the 175 mph class. Over the next few weeks, the website will be loaded with the new registration forms, links to hotels in Wendover, NV, an updated Rule Book, and current Contact information

Web site:

MYSCZ06 11-22-2009 11:33pm

Sounds like fun!

Icedancer 11-23-2009 1:33am

Trying to change my June east coast trip to get back a week earlier.
If I can be back in California by Mon or Tues before the event, I will sign up as a track worker, If I am not ready to run a car.

It would be educational for me, since I probably won't have a dedicated ORR car until 2011.

Dropping the hint at home about entering my brand spanking new 2010 GS in a reasonable 120 or 130 class was met with total silence.
My next comment about running the event with her 2001 C5 coupe was applauded even less.

This from a woman ticketed for drag racing against a police car on a public highway with a 1969 Corvette, in her younger days.

Jeffyvette 11-23-2009 3:05pm

Interesting that your wife is fine with you shooting for 170+ in the mile shootout. But the thought of you never getting over 140 is not recieved well.

Icedancer 11-23-2009 7:46pm

Hi Jeffy',

Minor clarification, she is my Registered Domestic Partner, not wife.
(A California thing - allows us, along with other asset protection benefits, to file state taxes jointly. Saves a few bucks).

She is fine with my participation in ORR events, just not in my brand new 2010 GS Corvette.
My brand new 2005 C6 was broadsided by a deer in 2005.
That's her worry about high speed highway runs, not my driving skills or training. Or so she says. LOL

The current plan is to buy her a 2010 or 2011 C6 convertible, and modify the 2001 C5 coupe for ORR events.
Nothing fancy - harnesses, fire suppression, etc.

The bad news is, I have yet to convince her that the new Cyber Grey was made for her.
And GM is not likely to bring back her beloved Pewter - she has been waiting for 3 years.

Right or wrong, she is much less worried about a 150+ run for 30 seconds on a 12,000 ft X 200 foot runway.

BTW, she does NOT know about my taking a large crow thru the windshield of a Kenworth, many years ago.
Lets keep that info among the menfolk!


Jeffyvette 11-28-2009 6:35pm

With what you are talling about doing to the 01 C5 will alow you to average 155 with a top speed of 168mph. You won't be able do that first time, but work up to it.

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