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nickd 06-12-2016 5:46pm

'84 starts but won't keep running
Hi all,

I'm hoping someone here can help me diagnose my problem. I Bought my '84 about a year ago and everything was running great until last week. I started getting signs of a dying fuel pump / fuel delivery problems. I was getting a power lag while accelerating. It would pause for a second after i stepped on the gas when speeding up. It stalled on me a couple times and seemed to be getting worse by the day. I replaced the fuel filter- no improvement. Finally it died while I was driving yesterday and wouldn't start at all. I put a new fuel pump in even though the old factory one was still making noise when I turned the key. Thought it might help but no cigar. No check engine light or anything coming up either. I replaced all the spark plugs and put a new rotor in the distributor. Now it starts but it won't keep running. Even if i give it gas it still dies out after 2 seconds. No revving after the initial turnover.

Any idea what it could be? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


SQUIRMIN VERMIN 84 06-28-2016 11:13am

Check fuel pressure. should be 12-14 psi. Possible issue with fuel pressure regulator(on rear throttlebody).

More on this in 1984 factory field manual. Chilton is a fine manual. I always keep a couple handy to use as kneepads. Soft and absorbent. Best use.

Don't have a genuine 1984 Corvette factory repair manual?
PM me and I'll mail a CD copy. You can print just the pages you need. Just reprint them if you get dirt, oil or blood on them.

dcorlett 04-27-2017 7:10pm

I could use a copy of that manual!

PLRX 04-29-2017 6:54pm


Originally Posted by dcorlett (Post 1556564)
I could use a copy of that manual!

The sell those on-line. I mean the book(s).

thatwhitec4 05-25-2017 7:30am

The carburetor could also be loose or messed up the double carburetor setups are hard to work with so you might want to check that as well.

SQUIRMIN VERMIN 84 05-25-2017 5:15pm

Reply to 84vette and 1984 corvette,

PM'd you both if you want the 84 manual on CD... check your PM inboxes...
like I said in my previous post....

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