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jwillis 08-30-2014 8:40pm

ac condenser drain
drain must be plugged, water in passengers floor. How's best way to unclog drain

Y2Kvert4me 08-30-2014 8:46pm

Several possibilities...To save a bunch of typing, here is a great resource for tracking it down. The a/c drain is addressed in post 3:

Leak Checks - Corvette Forum


DukeAllen 08-30-2014 9:29pm

Sure it's not a leaky heater core?

Y2Kvert4me 08-30-2014 9:35pm

The a/c drain elbow is pretty common to plug up on C5s, and will soak the pass. floor.
I didn't see it mentioned in that thread, but if I recall, it's easier to access from beneath the car.

jwillis 08-31-2014 8:39am

condenser drain
thanks for the feedback guys

majorreno 11-23-2016 1:08am

a/c drain
it is a little elbow "L" shape rubber tube about 3-4 inches long on the forward surface of the firewall accessible from beneath looking up about the middle of the car. you can remove it to clear it, cut the tip off, and reinsert it. there is another drain behind the right hand wheel well liner that comes from all the way up underneath the drain collector just in front of the windshield. you have to remove a panel from the wheel well liner, reach in and pull the rubber tube out to trim the end of that tube as well. this allows these danged tubes to drain more freely.

majorreno 12-31-2016 5:27pm

a/c drain
were you able to fix your a/c drain? :confused5:

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