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Iron Chef 10-29-2020 9:52am

Oh Boy...This Guy Gets It
I came across this op-ed in the British paper the Sun. I realize it's a few years old, but this guy, Rod Liddle, really nails Hollywood. I bolded some of the really great lines.


LORD help us – no wonder Taylor Swift binned him. Sharpish. Just after he’d had the tattoo done. It must have been unendurable.

I’m talking about Tom Hiddleston, a talented British actor and a good looking lad. He’s just won a Golden Globe Award for his performance in The Night Manager.

Tom Hiddleston is a talented actor and deserved his Golden Globe - but we didn't need to hear the political sermon in his acceptance speech. I enjoyed him in that, although he wasn’t half as good as Tom Hollander. Or Hugh Laurie.

But when he stepped up to the microphone he drivelled on and on for what seemed like hours. The star-studded audience could be seen snoring, or clawing at their collars, or self-harming. On and on it went. Not about acting, or his performances. But about... er... South Sudan. You wha?

His bleating speech went down like a fart in a lift among the smug super-rich Hollywood elite. Yes, he did what is by now the traditional luvvie thing. He lectured everybody, the guests, but especially us plebs at home, about world politics. About the terrible plight of the Sudanese people and the good work being done by the doctors out there.

It was supremely inappropriate, as the fabulously rich monkeys in the audience tucked into their foie gras and terrine of otter spleen, or whatever. But it was also narcissistic, self-serving, self- important and arrogant.

It was a case of virtue-signalling, telling everybody how much you really, really, care. Because you’re not just an actor but a very real person in a very real sense, with a big social conscience. And the world must know this. And it wouldn’t matter much if it was just Tom. But it isn’t. They’re all at it.

At the same awards ceremony the ghastly Meryl Streeeeep decided to lecture us all about how awful Donald Trump is. I put some more e's in Meryl’s surname because it fits with the whining bilge that comes out of her mouth. Every time she opens her gob, out it comes: “streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, streeeep!”

More self-centred, self-important, virtue signalling. Like Benedict Cumberbatch haranguing his audience about refugees and how the rest of us proles are horrible for not letting more of them in. Or Michael Sheen ranting about how he’s going to enter politics to save the UK from nasty people like Nigel Farage and the Tories. Or Lily Allen, or Emma Thompson, or George Clooney, banging on and on in favour of the rich liberal elite which has been comprehensively beaten — Trumped, you might say — in vote after vote.

Because that’s the thing. The Hollywood slebs have not yet realised that while we may enjoy their films and performances (apart from Streeeeeeep’s), we don’t give a toss about their views of the world.

They can write self-important letters demanding we vote Remain. But we’ll vote Brexit all the same.

They can make videos and speeches about why Hillary Clinton must be President. But the American people will still vote for Trump.

They are out of step with public opinion because they are cosseted, pig ignorant about the lives of ordinary people and interested only in parroting fashionable, deluded rubbish.

Listen, Tom. You’re probably not a bad lad. I’m sure Taylor will take you back if you promise to stop boring the arse off her about Sudan every night.

You’re an actor, so act. Do your stuff. And leave the self-serving hand-wringing to the charities and the politicians.
"Pig Ignorant". Just... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Wathen1955 10-29-2020 10:50am

I also liked this one from Ricky Gervais:

z06psi 10-29-2020 10:54am


Originally Posted by Wathen1955 (Post 1817534)
I also liked this one from Ricky Gervais:


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