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Defib1961 08-19-2019 2:33pm

Mongolian heavy metal???
I like it!

Dixievet 08-19-2019 3:06pm

They are playing here in a couple weeks. Also check out Ethnic Zorigoo. Same geo-location but they play with modern instruments rather than traditional Mongolian instruments

carlton_fritz 08-19-2019 7:22pm

I'm surprised someone on this forum has heard of them. Then I realize I am not at the other place.

86RAG 08-20-2019 6:06am

The HU? I thought that name was taken in the 70's


BADRACR1 08-23-2019 8:47pm

I like the hell outta that first one.

snide 08-24-2019 9:13am


Originally Posted by BADRACR1 (Post 1681609)
I like the hell outta that first one.

Did you find yourself singing along to it too? :bigears:

snide 08-24-2019 9:22am

Dan Dlabay 08-24-2019 10:37am

I like that band and wouldn't mind seeing them.:cert:

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