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09CTSV 10-12-2009 8:23pm

Weather this weekend
Hey all,
My wife is headed back out to VA Beach to see her god parents and visit a few friends. How is the weather been and how are the roads? Any major road construction going on? Of course this is aside from the normal I-64 work if it is still ongoing around Hampton.
She will be taking I-64 straight across from Indiana and staying at the Navy Lodge at Little Creek.

Munch 10-12-2009 8:44pm

It's supposed to rain and be in the low 50s. I don't go in to VA Beach so no idea about construction although they are building a new 7-11 here in Suffolk!

09CTSV 10-12-2009 8:48pm

Wow 7-11, it is almost like civilization. I haven't seen one since I retired and left VA.

Eagleeye 10-13-2009 5:32pm

Traveled across Va last week with no problems Eastbound from the state line over to Williamsburg. I ditto the wet,cool forcast. P.S. I64 through Richmond is pretty tore up with patches/pot holes. I suggest I 295 around the city and get I64 again on East side. As always friday afternoon traffic is something to avoid !!!

GB Vette 10-13-2009 7:08pm

Here'ya go bud :clever:

PortDawg 10-13-2009 7:49pm

S'posed to suck....rain...

Shrek 10-14-2009 4:48am

Hey Leo, We made a bonsai run to Bloomington Labor day weekend for my parents 50th. There were a couple short construction zones in KY, then another short one about 20 miles into WV after leaving KY, and VA was clear. Not sure how much is still there, but I think you can walk into any AAA and get maps and construction info without being a member. Then again, it could have just been my boyish charm.:rofl:

Anyhoo, tell her we said to be safe and watch out for the other LEO's.


Vet4jdc 10-14-2009 5:25am


Originally Posted by GB Vette (Post 2036)

Boy that forecast looks sucky!


WKMCD 10-14-2009 6:23pm

It's going to be colder with rain in Northern VA. No driving the Cruiser and no golf. Crap! I'll probably end up spending quality time with the family. :sleep:

zz4vetteguy 10-15-2009 5:41am

You want to know about the weekend in Virginia Beach...ever hear the Christmas song, Winter Wonderland...

...Oh the weather outside is frightful and the traffic is soo delightful (hopefully you can sense the sarcasm)

Construction on the main roads has not been that bad over the past couple weeks, some of the city roads have been in construction, but should not bother the trip too much.

I agree that I would also do the 295 thing and bypass part of 64. And Friday traffic is always a bear...another option is from 295 to hop off the interstate and take 460 most of the way. It does flux in speeds from 55 -> 45 -> 35 and at the speed changes there can be found LEO's on the watch, but with the traffic that 295 & 64 get on a Friday, it might save a little time.

09CTSV 10-16-2009 5:49am

Thanks everyone.
She made the 12 hour journey with her Mother and was in a good mood last night. XM radio in the Trailblazer SS is an awesome addition. She said it kept her mom quiet instead of talking all the time like she normally does. The little truck did good averaging almost 17 on the Highway, not bad for 390 HP, 4.11 gears in an AWD.
She mentioned how nice the roads look in VA, not. We have the coal trucks beating the roads up around here and don't have near the problems as back there. She said some of the potholes were big enough to park a car in.

Not much construction going on because of the rain, made it nice for traffic though.
It does look like you all are getting some of the rain we had last week, 6 inches in two days and another 2 inches the other day. I do believe I see cat tails growing in our back yard.

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