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Touringmike 12-26-2015 9:16am

Yesterday's traditional meal
For the past 30 years, Standing Rib roast (either 2 of 3 bones, depending on the weight).
This years' was a 2 bone, 6 pound roast.
Made baked potatoes, SO had made a salad, rolls, and Jello that the she added fresh strawberries into.
Marie Calender's Razzleberry pie for dessert.

I prepped the meat at home, and took it over to the In-Laws house and cooked it there, as they're immobile now and the SO is their constant caregiver.
Picked up my Mom on the way over to the In-laws. Cooked the roast at 450 for 30 minutes, then 350 for 90 minutes. Potatoes in the oven during the 90 minute stretch. SO baked the rolled before I did the roast, then I reheated them while the roast was resting before carving.
Our daughter (due any day now with grand-daugther #2) her husband and daughter joined for a fantastic, simple meal.

Even got some sandwich fixings for today;

Dixievet 01-05-2016 6:38pm

That looks fantastic :seasix:

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