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chinaski 04-12-2014 3:48pm

[New Truck]Bought the Tacoma
Purchased the Tacoma about an hour ago.

White, 4x4 Regular Cab 4 Cylinder with the Automatic. Financed at 1.9% through Toyota Financial. I'm happy with that. Relatively easy transaction. :seasix:

Pictures to come in a little while...

justlookin 04-12-2014 3:51pm


Jeff '79 04-12-2014 3:51pm


The pics are absolutely amazing!! Nice truck!

chinaski 04-12-2014 3:57pm

chinaski 04-12-2014 6:09pm

Better Pics...

LATB 04-12-2014 8:00pm

You will love it :seasix:

Like the reg cab w the buckets and c-console

JRD77VET 04-12-2014 8:08pm


Originally Posted by chinaski (Post 1159970)
Better Pics...

Congrats on the new buggy :cert:

five-oh 04-12-2014 8:08pm

Nice truck. I'd love to have its twin, with the only difference being I'd prefer a stickshift.

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