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Geobsum 04-28-2019 9:34pm

Oil filter adapter seal installation
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I have a 1987 vet that started leaking oil above the oil filter. Iím fairly certain it is a bad seal above the oil filter adapter and I found a replacement on line but am perplexed on how to remove the adapter. See photo attached. I was told that the nut unscrews but I canít find a socket to fit and Iím wondering if it isnít a nut but a pressed part of the adapter and whether the entire adapter unscrews after unhooking the oil lines. All input welcome.Attachment 25486

Lakeside49 04-28-2019 9:48pm

Maybe this will help get you going - looks fairly straightforward:

Good luck -


Geobsum 04-29-2019 7:34am

Thx but Iíve seen this video before and it is an entirely different adapter with separate bolts!
I need to know how to remove mine since the nut(sides are bigger than any sockets that I can find) which makes me believe it is not a nut! If so how do I remove the adapter? Will a strap wrench work to turn the adapter once the oil lines are removed? Is there a special tool?

Lakeside49 04-29-2019 11:33pm

Iíve Googled things a bit and agree that the instructions are elusive without a shop manual diagram.

Geobsum 05-01-2019 12:59pm

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Finally was able to remove the adapter! Had to machine a 1 1/8 in socket flat to remove the slants on each face so I could grab the thin nut and crank it off! It comes apart and I attached photos so others can learn!Attachment 25699Attachment 25700Attachment 25701

Geobsum 05-01-2019 1:02pm

Three photos showing socket befor and after

Geobsum 05-01-2019 1:03pm

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Originally Posted by Geobsum (Post 1668457)
Three photos showing socket befor and after

Attachment 25702Attachment 25703Attachment 25704

Lakeside49 05-01-2019 10:59pm

Sounds like you brilliantly figured it out. Impressive. Iíve learned from it. Not to own an Ď87! Seriously. How often should a 5.7L oil filter adapter enable or directly cause a leak?

Geobsum 05-02-2019 5:38am

Once in 32 years!

Lakeside49 05-02-2019 11:23pm

No issues with my C3. Yet.
Now I have to go knock on wood.
But, I donít even see them offered in the two C3 parts catalogs I get, so Iím hoping that is a good omen.
Good job getting to the bottom of it.

Geobsum 06-04-2019 10:05am

Now I need a new seal! Hunted for weeks with no luck! Seal is 3 3/8 in outside diameter! Anyone know where I can find one?

Geobsum 07-25-2019 7:11am

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Took a regular oil filter and removed rubber gasket. Was a llittle too wide to fit oil cooler so I placed it on a plastic cup so it wouldnít move around. Then used a Dremel high speed grinder to carefully narrow gasket to fit! Should work.Attachment 29303Attachment 29304Attachment 29305

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