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WKMCD 08-24-2014 5:08pm

Another factory correction...

American Racing Headers Long Tubes are in! :D

I love this stinking car! Cruising down the highway with Sound Management ON, it's no louder than stock. Sound Management is like the Mild to Wild exhaust on previous years but the valves in the catback are controlled electronically. The valves will still open when you push the car but close when not. You can also turn Sound Management Off and the valves stay open most of the time depending on what Driving Mode you're in. Pushed, the car just screams.

Playing on the way home I managed to scare a few women and children but unfortunately, I believe the shear volume of sound caused a major seismic event 3,000 miles away. :evil:

wwomanC6 08-24-2014 5:27pm

Love to hear them roar! :seasix:

stingraymyway 09-10-2014 6:27pm


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