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h82stop 09-05-2019 11:14pm

Hello everyone: New to this site. My name is Charles and I've been a Corvette lover my whole life. I am currently working on the 3rd one I've owned for the past 7 years which is a 1973 Coupe with a 4 speed, Unfortunately she's not feeling well right now and I was hoping that someone here would be able to identify the problem.
This morning I'm cruising on the freeway doing 65mph. She was running great and I was enjoying the roar of the 383 stroker motor I installed in it 10,000 miles ago when all of a sudden I hear like a backfire and motor starts running really rough. White smoke starting pouring out of the back and she quit running. Pulled over tried to start it, it started for like 3 seconds making a terrible noise and died. After that all I got was a click when turning key. I haven't had a chance to tear into it yet, just wondering what I can expect. Any ideas? Thank you folks in advance. Have a nice evening> Charles:

Norm 09-06-2019 7:49am

Just by your explanation, it doesn't sound good. Most likely will have to tear down to find the problem unless it's something obvious looking right at you.
Sorry, not much help, good luck with it.

m and t's77 09-06-2019 7:24pm

Check timing marks,can you completely hand crank the engine without it stopping in spots?Compression test...gotta start with the basics first.

73sbVert 12-26-2019 4:25pm

I'll bet something in the valve train let loose and a valve or 2 penetrated the cyl wall into the waterjacket.
Or maybe one of the connecting rods broke loose also.

Like Norm said, none of that sounds good. :fingerscrossed: for ya!

RMVette 12-30-2019 8:05pm

From one noob (on this site) to another... welcome. :kimblair:

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