View Full Version : 98 c5 steering wheel position sensor

05-08-2016, 11:06am
any new info on this topic? mine is now flashing the codes. within the first 100 or so yards or in the first sharp turning of the wheel it will grab a brake real hard and then its fine until it's shut down and re started. I live in socal and to the best of my knowledge you cant smog a car that has a code.. so my real question is how in the world do I sell this really clean low mileage car with this problem. I went to my local dealer to ask what they know and they told me the last guy they tried to help went all in for two used sensors in a row and both failed after the install. and that does match my first reaction to buying a notoriously failing part that's just as old from a junk yard. so I asked what he did with the car and he said he took it to car max and took whatever they offered. I just cant believe a car like this is worthless over a sensor. any ideas?

10-18-2016, 2:14pm
are you getting code 1287? if so, I have the same issue, but I cleared the code on my DIC and it passed Tx. state inspection with no problems. I thought about DYI but it looks to be a real pain from what I've seen, so I will drive it and keep clearing the code on the fly till it has to be repaired and then I will bite the bullet and hire it done. I ain't crazy about yanking the steering wheel and all that goes with the repair myself. = too much work.