View Full Version : VATS security light on when car running

11-20-2014, 3:29pm
Hello forum, my name is Eugene i have a 2002 c5 and after it came back from a dyno tune security light is on. i bought a brand new original key thing it might be the key no luck, car has a new batterie. i tried the resistor to bypass the VATS no luck either light does not turn off while the is running. i have no problems starting it it works fine even with the light on. any sugestion of what could it be? maybe a a Bad BCM?

11-22-2014, 9:12am
Pull the codes from the DIC, and see what is there. That will give you a place to start.
Personally I would take it back to where it was tuned and have them fix the problem. "You caused it, you fix it"
Pulling DIC codes: Clear the DIC
Hold the OPTIONS button and push the FUEL button 4 times
Write down the codes.

Corvette DIC Codes (http://www.stengel.net/diccodes.htm)