View Full Version : Grand Sport Wheels/ Tires/ TPS

04-25-2013, 3:01pm
I am selling my stock Grand Sport wheels and tires. Dark gray metallic flake. Almost a bluish flake.

Tires are Goodyear F1 with about 10k in the front and Goodyear F1 G2s in the rear with less then 1k on them. Practically brand new.

Need them out of the garage! Pick up in Los Angeles area $1400 OBO

11-06-2013, 7:03pm
Good luck.

11-06-2013, 9:38pm
Yeah, good luck. I tried to sell my '10 chrome GS wheels and 10K mileage GY's for $1000, not even a nibble.

11-20-2013, 5:16am
I paid $150 for a set of the gray GS wheels last year and still have them in the garage. Nobody wants them and they are too large for the Camaro crowd to use.