View Full Version : OEM control arm bushings

02-05-2013, 7:42pm
I am looking to replace the bushings in the front of my Z06. Have not been able to find the rubber bushings that came in the car. All I find are the poly bushings. Does anyone know where these bushings can be found? Thanks,

Gene :drivingskid:

02-06-2013, 5:51am
Gene, have you already looked at GM websites?

GM Parts and GM Accessories - GM Parts House (http://www.gmpartshouse.com/index.php)

02-06-2013, 7:12pm
Yes I have. Sent an e-mail to Gene Culley and his response was the only thing GM offers are new control arms with the OEM bushings. Was wondering if anyone new an after market company that had these. Have searched some sites and did not find anything. My guess is you have to go with poly bushings. Thanks,

Gene :drivingskid: