View Full Version : FS: 3 93-96 center caps part# 10137865

09-27-2012, 02:41pm

FS: (3) 93-96 center caps - Part # 10137865 stamped on the backs of each.

$20 shipped CONUS. If using PayPal, you must cover the 3% fee. If interested, contact me at lilredcorvette94 AT yahoo DOT com. Absolutely NO PMs.

These aren't perfect, but they're great for someone who doesn't care about perfection or someone who wants to work on them a bit (polish them up, paint, etc).

-The first cap on the left has something on the edge (see top left) I can't get off by hand. There is another spot where there may be a ding in the clear (see bottom).

-The middle cap is the best looking one of the bunch, with few imperfections.

-The cap on the right looks a bit hazy and could use some polishing/buffer work. Two 'teeth' are missing on the back.

See pic below:

10-14-2012, 08:15pm
Make me an offer via email...