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Blue 92
08-04-2012, 11:20pm
Owned since 5/1999.

Base car with the only factory option being the driver's power seat.
6 Speed
Approx 82,800 miles.
Interior in better than average condition but not perfect
A/C worked the last time I had it on
Non-Bose with cassette deck (I've never had a tape in it so no idea if it works)
Bridgestone Potenza RE71 275/40x17 tires with very good tread
New battery
Alternator about 5 years old
Brake pads done @ 12,000 miles ago, plugs about 8,000 miles ago
Outer door window sweeps replaced
Hatch vent
Mirror fairings added

Bad stuff:
Radio is currently INOP. I have a replacement CDM that is supposedly good. (see notes below)
It has a miss @ 4,800 RPM and above. I suspect the fuel filter but, yes, it may be the Opti Spark. I don't have the time or space to work on it.

Has and comes with:
Both glass and solid tops. The painted top has some chips, the glass top had the crazed clear coat removed (see last picture for the results.)
New weather stripping for the hatch still in the package
Both Chrome and stock sawblades, the chome are currently on the car
Both a cut air lid with K&N filter and the stock air lid
Custom chip and stock chip (CAGS bypassed with the custom chip)
Muffler eliminators (on car) and stock LT1 mufflers
2 Spare non-Bose head units (1 is a 93 white lettered unit) and 2 spare CDM units, one may need rebuilt, the second is good per the guy I bought it from.
Gordon Killibrew code book and reader plugs
LT1 throttle body plate and stock GM throttle body plate
NIB plug wires
Copy of Dealer VHS tape for 1992
Owners manual with leather cover
Factory service manuals

It is not a show car and since I enjoy back road Sunday drives in the Hocking Hills it has it's share of chips in the paint.

I can tell it's had some paint work prior to me buying it from a small amount of over spray around the fog light surrounds. The 4th picture down also shows where the hood has rubbed on the side gills. Both sides are similar.

After curing the current miss I'd have no problem driving it any where, any time. It's been to Georgia, Colorado Springs, Carlisle several times and multiple trips to Bowling Green.

I'm looking for $8.5K firm.

I drive my C5 most of the time and it just doesn't make sense to let it sit. I've probably driven it less than a 1,000 miles since the C5 came home but I try to take it out for an hour or so every other weekend when the weather is good.


03-27-2018, 07:11am
I miss my MQB '91