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01-25-2012, 8:29pm

This is a custom built TVS 1900 put together by MTI Racing. I upgraded to a TVS 2300 and no longer need this supercharger. This is a pre-production TVS1900, meaning it was built and sold before Magnacharger was selling to the public. This is a great supercharger, I was going to keep it for a future project but decided to let it go to get it out of my garage.

I took this off my 2008 Corvette LS3, with approximately 7K miles on the supercharger.

No pulley is included; the pulley I have used for 7K miles was the wrong pulley (not a press on pulley), also not the quick change type of the newer production models. I believe the jackshaft is the same size as the MP112/MP122.

This is for the core unit only which includes the shown core TVS, custom built intake by MTI Racing, injectors (60lbs I believe), fuel rails, IAT sensor, TVS built in intercooler. Does not include the parts needed to perform a complete installation, I am using these parts on my TVS 2300. Parts that are needed can be ordered from Magnacharger or ordered separately from various sources.

Also included is the FAST injector adapters (not shown, P/N 170603-8) and a new spare belt for the back pulleys for the supercharger (also not shown).
The chrome is not perfect, a couple of minor spots that should have been fixed when being chromed but wasn’t bad enough for me to send back for minor work.

I am asking $3,500 for the supercharger. Any fees and shipping costs will be extra. I believe the shipping weight is about 85lbs.

I work evenings and will respond as soon as possible for any questions.





02-01-2012, 7:20pm
Pics just before I removed the TVS 1900.