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10-18-2009, 08:25am

There are some things I want to learn to do myself on my car this winter.
1.) Brake Fluid Flush (and add SS brake lines + Speed Bleeders)
2.) Engine Coolant flush
3.) Transmission flush
4.) Rear end flush.

I have had the car 5.5 yrs and have almost 17K miles on it. Its about time I get these done. Anything else I should do ?

First I want to figure out how to flush my brake fluid system. I helped a friend do his 03 Z06 last weekend in my garage change his brake pads/rotors/SS brake lines/speed bleeders/bleed brake lines. That was easy enough. We just did not flush his entire brake system.

After doing some reading, I figure this is what I should do:
1.) First off I will install the 4 brake bleeders, and SS lines.
2.) I remove most of the brake fluid from my master cylinder with a turkey baster. Be sure not to drain it completely. Do not want to introduce Air into the system.
3.) Pour new fluid in and fill my master cylinder (close cap).
4.) Pump brake pedal numerous times to force liquid from cylinder into system to be flushed.
4.) Quarter turn OPEN my speed bleeder valve on the desired caliper. On my 2004 Z06 I need to bleed RR -> LF -> LR -> RF. Do each caliper until I see the clean new fluid and no bubbles. Drain into clear container with clear line to see liquid color of new fluid, and observe bubbles evacuate the caliper.
5.) Keep a close eye on my master cylinder fluid level to make sure it does not go empty as I'm bleeding each caliper. Add fluid as it starts to get low.
6) Top off fluid level to recommended max level once bleeding of all 4 calipers is complete.

I read that a little over a liter of fluid will be needed. I can get Motul RBF600 fluid, SS brake lines, and brake bleeders at LG's down the street.

Is that the simple way of doing this ?

I read that you need a Tech 2 to be able to open the ABS part of the brakes to flush it out. I don't have one so I figure the more I flush my brakes, the more it will eventually flush the ABS part of the brake system.

Thanks for any advice you may have !

nedih rotaredom
10-30-2009, 06:59am
Main thing........watch the master cyl!
I have OEM lines on.........SS lines are ok but may mess up the signals for your TPS to show up on the DIC......and I have had no issues with braking.
Speed bleeders on all my Vettes, 68' Camaro & 99 GMC.
I have had very good results with ATE super blue.
I also change out with gold so you know when you get new fluid out of the calipers.
Manual bleed has always worked great for me, no ABS issues.

I believe in the KISS principle

I got my $$$ outa these pads




Soap bottle works good.......keep the cap loose so ya don't build up pressure

Old OEM fluid get dirt quick IF ya use yer brakes!

My tools to do da job including new rotors for the front of the 97'



Good luck!

10-30-2009, 07:13am
good read...I recently did a fluid change and pretty much did it the same way you wrote.. might need to change out to the blue stuff.. and new SS brake lins sounds like a good way to go also...

10-30-2009, 07:55am
Good information ! Thank you !


10-30-2009, 05:56pm
Just let me know when an ill come over an help out Mark, me an Brian (cobra4b) did it to his car a few years back... i also have the gm manuals...

10-30-2009, 08:25pm
Just let me know when an ill come over an help out Mark, me an Brian (cobra4b) did it to his car a few years back... i also have the gm manuals...

Thanks Mike ! :takdir: